Support P.A.S.S in Ensuring a Peaceful Goodbye to our Beloved Pets

By Rajat Gupta

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My name is Dr. Rajat Gupta. As a doctor I know there is life and death. This holds true not just for us humans, but also for our beloved pets. So when my beautiful Dachshund Ginger died on August 23 of last year from a cardiac arrest, I was extremely heartbroken. But what added to my misery was the fact that I couldn’t arrange a decent funeral for Ginger. 

Ginger’s death came with the realisation that many important regions of the Mumbai Metropolitan  do not have a decent crematorium facility or a cemetery for animals. For anyone who has ever had a pet, and even more so for anyone who has ever lost one, would know that they are our biggest sources of love and  joy, and they deserve the same farewell that humans are entitled to.

To let this realisation go unresolved would be an insult to Ginger’s memory! So I decided to start Ginger’s PASS or (Pet Antim Seva Sansthan) with the aim to provide eco-friendly, humane, 24x7 cremation services for pet owners across the areas of Navi Mumbai, Diva, Panvel and Thane. There are at least 3000 - 5000 pet owners in Navi Mumbai itself. This is a Non- profit initiative (Because love can’t be measured in balance sheets) is aimed at impacting the lives of at least 10,000 individuals

My goal is to provide a respectful funeral service for every pet, so that their owners get a chance to bid adieu to their most trusted friends and faithful shadows.

My own resources are insufficient to fund this initiative, as it involves buying land for the cemetery, as well as ambulances and hearse vans, among other nitty gritties.I am reaching out to all those animal lovers, pet owners, and kind-hearted individuals to come forward and help me out. It is the least that we can do for our furry friends without whom our lives would feel so incomplete!

So come and contribute to Ginger’s PASS! Raise funds by launching support campaigns! Spread the good word around through a Facebook share, Google+, Linkedin, and re-tweets. Mobilize support and let us all make this initiative possible!Because our pets are our reliable shadows, an extension of ourselves, and our most faithful companions.


                                                        Let us give them a decent goodbye.

                                                Donate today!

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