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Big digit economic growth! The world’s largest youth population! Everything should be a smooth ride for us now as we progress on to become the next big economic superpower. 

But that is not happening- and the reason is simple- We aren’t doing much to empower 48.9% of our population - i.e women.

To bring clarity into the sad state of affairs- let us look at some stats-

  •                                   Female literacy rate- 67%.

  •                                  % of Women participating in the workforce- 29%.

  •                                   % of women married before their 18th birthday- 47%.

You can’t just crib in a muffled tone about this! It’s an extremely sad state of affairs happening right around us! It is demeaning and shameful for a nation that professes Liberty, equality, fraternity as its creed.  It’s an insult in the face of our ageless civilization, culture and our long held values of individuality and justice. 

Words will come and go! Programs will come and go! Schemes & Slogans will come and go!

 But for real change to occur- for that real impact to happen- we have to raise our voices and do something.

And this is what Nai Disha Education Society has been doing for the past many years Naidisha is a non-profit of dedicated individuals who believe that real social change can only happen if it starts from our villages-and is initiated through the power of impactful education. They have been striving tirelessly for the past 3 years in the Aurangabad district of Maharashtra to give a concrete shape to their vision of a Strong and dignified India spreading the power of learning and skills training to rural youth across the region. 

Now they have a launched Saksham Nari- A path breaking endeavour to impact the lives of 600 young girls across the Khultabad Tehsil of Aurangabad District - be giving them access to meaningful education and enabling them to carve out independent destinies of their own through skills training covering such areas like Hair-styling, beauty treatment, Tailoring, computer training, cooking where there is huge demand for labor. They are co-operating with 4 important educational institutions in the region for this- and have plans to spread this across to other districts in the region- based on the impact generated.

But education doesn’t come cheap- they need help and resources to create that impact- resources that they can’t mobilize all on their own!

Therefore they are asking us, concerned citizens, to join in and make a difference! 

You can contribute generously; Run support campaign to raise as much funds as possible; Spread the good word around through FB-share, twitter and other forms of social media- and create that awareness that is so much required!!!


                  After all, it’s high time that we start to respect and fight for women, all women! 

                                    Because it is their right to smile and shine!


                                         Enough of silence- do something! 

                                                        Donate today! 

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