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Our approach to giving emphasizes partnership, innovation, risk, and, most importantly, results. Achieving the results we want requires the flexibility to learn from mistakes and adjust strategy accordingly.  
Our grantmaking process involves four key steps: developing strategy, making grants, measuring progress, and adjusting strategy.  
Blood donation  
Eye screening
Vaccine Delivery 


Integrity and unity among people by organizing cultural festivals Sports games competitions

Agricultural DevelopmentIndustry DevelopmentFinancial Services for the PoorRehabilitation programs for orphansGlobal Libraries Rehabilitation programs for orphansWater, Sanitation & Hygiene


Renovate community halls SchoolsMosque for the benefit of the local populac
STEP ONE : Develop Strategy
Before making a single grant, we attempt to identify which problems in our three program areas cause the most harm and receive the least attention. Program areas carefully consider the costs, risks, long-term viability, and possible impacts of each potential solution. For each opportunity, we consult with external experts to develop a strategy and budget, articulate desired outcomes, and create a plan to measure short- and long-term results.   

STEP TWO: Make Grants

After receiving approval, we focus on finding partners and grantees that are best qualified to implement the strategy. In most cases, we make grants and establish formal agreements that specify target outcomes. Most grants go to large intermediary partners, organizations that fund and support those working in the field. These intermediaries have years of experience and help make sure our investments have the intended impact.

STEP THREE: Measure Progress

After making a grant, we require each grantee to measure and report on its work at least once a year. We also assess progress toward our own goals each year.Every one to two years, we take stock of our overall strategy and the extent to which we have accomplished our key goals.
  • Third-party evaluations provide in-depth findings on the effectiveness of the work. In some cases, we evaluate specific grants. In others, we review entire programs.
  • Outside advisors and experts help us examine our efforts and provide honest counsel.
  • B y talking with those we intend to help—our ultimate beneficiaries—we are able to assess whether we are meeting their needs.

STEP FOUR: Adjust Strategy

After we gather feedback, our program presidents and CEO decide whether to continue  on the same course or adjust strategy.  


We plan to help farm households, Working with farmers to improve crop yields is just one way the Global Development Program will accomplish the goal of helping people lift themselves out of hunger and poverty. Together with our partners we are making progress in many areas, including agricultural development, financial services, water, sanitation, and hygiene.


Agricultural Development   

Billion people in extreme poverty live in rural areas, and most of them rely on agriculture for their food and income. We work to help small farmers in indonesia to boost their productivity, increase their incomes, and  build better lives for their families.

Financial Services for the Poor 

Financial services, such as savings accounts, insurance, and loans, help people improve their lives, but billions of people in the developing world don’t have access to them. We work to make safe, affordable financial services—particularly savings accounts—more widely available to people in developing countries. Such services enable people to live healthier, more productive lives, better manage risks, and build household financial security.

Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene

Unsafe water and poor sanitation and hygiene are leading causes of illness and death in the developing world, especially among children. We’re working with our partners to help millions of people gain access to safe and sustainable sanitation and improve the quality of their water and hygiene.

Global Libraries

Most of the world’s population lacks access to computers and the Internet, leaving them without powerful tools needed for education, business, and other opportunities. We’re working with partners to provide free access to computers and the Internet in thousands of public libraries in emerging economies.Visit to 

Special Initiatives 

There are other ways to help people in the developing world lift themselves out of poverty and hunger. That’s why we also make focused, innovative, and results-driven investments in partnerships we believe can have an impact on people’s lives. We help  international relief agencies respond to disasters with basic emergency needs, such as food, water, and shelter. We fund  efforts to combat urban poverty. We continue to explore other initiatives that we believe can make a difference. Across our initiatives, we aim to harness advances in science and technology to save lives in developing countries. We work with partners to deliver proven tools, such as vaccines, drugs, and diagnostics, and invent new solutions where they don’t exist.


Child Health We are advancing the use of practical tools and strategies to reduce the number of mothers and newborns who die during and immediately after childbirth.Neglected and Other Infectious Diseases We are working with our partners to reduce the burden of neglected diseases, such as guinea worm and river blindness.


Our efforts focus on preventing malnutrition in young children to ensure proper physical and cognitive growth and improve disease resistance.
Governments, businesses, organizations, and individuals are coming together to tackle some of the world’s most complex problems. The past decade has shown us that we can make rapid progress toward a world where everyone has the chance to lead healthy and productive lives. But we still have a lot of work to do. 

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