Support Group of four women living in Nabha-Punjab

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Help the group of women to start Kutir Udyog as Aggarbatti making.

Help the group of women to start Kutir Udyog as Aggarbatti making.

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Rajesh Kumar
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Group of four women living in Nabha-Punjab
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$ 0 Raised of $ 6,655

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Campaigner Details

Rajesh Kumar
Beneficiary Details

Group of four women living in Nabha-Punjab


About our Organisation: 

         We are the Society  Registered under Indian trust act and working for the empowerment women. We are working from the past 3 years in this field.

 Our main motive is

 " Do not give the bread to hungry, Teach him how to earn a bread, so that he may not live hungry in whole life"

        To follow this motto we are working for some projects under the name Shri NariShakti Kutir Udyog. The main points of  our projects:

For updates and progress of the project click garvfoundation

1. We make a group of 4 to 5 needy, poor and unemployed women according to the project. A person should be the person with the disability in the group.

2.  All the members will equally share the profit.

3. Every person should be from different family.

4. We select easy and household product which they can make and sell in the market easily.

5. We provide Machinery, Raw material for some batches, all equipment and fixtures, and working capital.

6. We provide training of production and selling.

7. We help the group in selling their product for 4 to 6 months so that they can learn the selling techniques.

8. We complete their legal formalities to run the establishment.

9, A volunteer of the trust monitors the project.

10. Only the space for production is to be arranged by the beneficiaries.

Why We need help:

         We are going to help a group for  Aggarbatti( perfumed Stick) making project for a group of 4 women living in Sant Nagar, Nabha district Patiala-Punjab. We have selected the group for this project, The women of this group are not so educated to do a respected job. Even they have small babies so they are unable to work in others houses.

 Meet the some of the group members:

1. Sumitra Kaur is the young woman of 29 years.  She has three children, Her husband is a Rikshaw puller, She is ready to provide a room to run a project. She is heard up these days there is no other source of income to bring up their children. She wants to educate their children,

2. Nirmla Devi: Nirmla Devi is 36 years old and living with their husband who works as a painter. She is uneducated and her husband is also uneducated. During the 6 months of summer, her husband has no regular work of painting. She is unable to pay the expenditure of her daughter. Her daughter is studying in class 10th.

About the project:

    The Process of making  Aggarbatti is easy to learn products easy to sell. There is no need of special skill. If 5 person work 8 hours per day they can earn 20-30 thousand per month(Total group income). There is a big and regular demand of aggarbattis.

For Donors:

As soon as the production will start every donor will be sent the samples of product as a token of love. Every donor will have to right to ask the progress of the project and can visit the home.

Total Project cost:

Total project cost: 492500

break up of the cost:

           Item        cost
Aggarbatti making machines (2)240000
Raw material   70000
Perfume    30000
Furniture and Fixture    50000
Working Capital   20000
Electricity bill for 4 months    20000
Packing Material   40000
Legal expenditure      2500
Free Samples and advertisement   20000


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