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I want to raise funds to start an unique online portal for script writers, script buyers and public.Where any one can upload their concept in maximum 3 pages along with the title by paying a very small amount like Rs. 10 to Rs. 100.On this portal public is also allowed to come, read and rate the concept.Which will eventually help the writers to reach out to more people.Any one from any part on India can upload his script by tagging it properly for films,web content, tv series, short films, theaters etc.By submitting the scripts one is not only reaching to more script buyers but also becoming safe from the fear to theft.

Hi Guys,

My name is Sachin Singh. Currently I am working as a business analyst in a media firm.I also have a YouTube channel where I do celebrity interviews.In my entire journey till now, I have felt that not only writers are looking for film makers and production houses but also directors, actors, production houses are also running short of good content writers. So I think this portal can help them in a big way. Now any one reach out to film makers such as S.S Rajamoli, Karan Johar etc. by using this simple and easy tool.

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