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Fundraiser ended on Mar 31, 2017

Fundraising for #RoshanBharat (Solar) project in Indian villages

Fundraising for #RoshanBharat (Solar) project in Indian villages

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Thanks to the incredibly generous support of our first donors in the past, we were able to hit our initial goal to bring light to villages across Wada, Maharashtra, India! A BIG THANK YOU TO ALL from those 200 light up homes!!!

Now we have set our sights higher and brighter for INR 10,00,000  we can light up the larger villages! LET'S TURN THE LIGHTS ON!!

India has a population of over 1 billion people. According to the World Bank, almost 1/3 of those people do not have any access to electricity: families are forced to burn Kerosene to generate light, which is expensive, highly polluting, and poses health and safety hazards. With an average daily income of less than $2, these people represent the most vulnerable strata of Indian society.

We work towards sustainable development and are committed towards creating jobs for disabled by providing them support, training, infrastructure so we can donate one cost effective Catalyst Solar lantern for each home (the Non - electrified one) across India.

This initiative provides reliable and clean illumination with productive hours in the evening with non-polluting, bright and reliable lighting that advances education, health, & livelihood activities catalyzes the rural solar market through creation of enhanced distribution network.

It also equips local human resources with technical and managerial skill sets for operation & maintenance through training & replaces the use of polluting kerosene as a lighting fuel.

It facilitates health in villages, within & around eco-reserves acts as incentive towards wildlife protection by providing alternative livelihood options

The drive will continue till 15th August 2017 & most of the lights will be distributed till Republic day 2018 we will illuminate the homes and minds of the villages across India with various resources available through your support!

How you can help

Your contribution, no matter the size, can help make a change in this community.

Alongside donation, your support and sharing of our other web-pages can make a true difference.

Like and follow us to stay up to date on the development of our projects and our future plans.

Also, if you want to find out more or have any questions, feel free to reach out!

Be a catalyst!

We invite you to join our #RoshanBharat Initiative!!

After you have donated, share it with your friends on Facebook by doing the following:

1. Share it on Facebook #RoshanBharat

2. Nominate friends to do the same!

If you are lucky enough you will get to come for the distribution drive with the team.

We look forward to seeing your support.
Thank you!

The Team


?One household with a solar powered home lighting system and long-term maintenance of the system. 

Each home lighting system provides a family with the following:

1 - Polycrystalline Solar panel

1  - Lithium ion battery

2 -  3 Watt LED bulbs 500 - 700 lumens

1 - multi port mobile phone charger

10 meter light and solar panel cable connectors

1 - year full parts and service warranty.

We believe that everyone’s fundamental human right to have access to safe, sustainable light, no matter their socioeconomic environment. 

We hope you share this belief with us!


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