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Received hospital admission dates. Kidney Transplant Surgery will take place on 16th June 2017. Thank you everyone for your love, support & blessings. Hope to successfully come out of the situation. 

The most invaluable asset I have is people in my life. You have rewarded me with love, understanding and support; thank you for being there and standing with me during my tough time.

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The Life has become completely hell after knowing that both my kidneys have failed and considering my age Dialysis is not a long term option. Our Kidneys are essential to filter blood and pass on filtered blood to other organs to help them function well, Hormonal Balance , To Create Vitamin D , To balance Sodium and Water in the Body , To create Blood , To Control Blood Pressure & many other small functions. Once kidneys stops functioning entire body and its organs start getting affected. Dialysis is a mechanical process of filtering blood but doesnt give a quality of life and has many side effects. The world is so cruel that even Government and private employers do not consider medically unfit people which makes it more demotivating to fight the disease. I have a my and my family's life ahead of me and even after being well educated my medical status hinders my growth and peaceful life. This is my small effort to try raise crowdfunding to support my kidney transplant operation expenses which is Rs.7,00,000/-. I am not sure who and how much donation will be shared on this platform but irrespective of the same, I would like to give few tips to all the viewers 

1) Always drink plenty of water, never ever get dehydrated. Dehydration causes kidneys to shrink and stop functioning

2)  Avoid taking Pain Killers strictly ( Especially without doctors prescription)

3) Dont ever take steroids

4) Keep control of your Blood Pressure and Diabetes since these 2 are the leading causes of Kidney Failure

5) Drink only Boiled water ( atleast for 30 mins on high flame) , Its even better than filtered RO Water

6) Dont over eat proteins, since proteins create load on kidneys

7) Get Medically tested periodically to detect/ diagnose if any issue at early stage to manage it effectively

8) Have Mediclaim of atleast 10 lakhs even if you feel you are in a perfect health. I did this mistake considering that I am young and fit but things turned out very differently.

9)  Please register yourself, friends & families for Cadaver kidney donation with Mohan Foundation or any other related NGO. Cadaver Kidney donation is donation of kidneys when a person is brain dead. Its like giving life to someone even if you are dying. There is no great donation than donating a life. It is better to keep our organ alive in someone else's body than to destroy it under the name of rituals.

10) Treasure the time and life you have. Dont stress over and deteriorate health. Stress is one of the leading cause of progression of few life threatening diseases.

11) Last and most important, Never Give Up in any situation.

I hope you contribute whatever possible from your end to help me get out of this tough situation. Thank you everyone in advance.

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