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DJS saleonlysale pvt limited was incorporated in October 2015. We are 3 founders highly experience in Information Technology with over combined experience of 30 years,having experience to work with large MNC (Cognizant, HP, HCL, and Wipro).

We got the idea and inspiration when we found all big online and In-city brands are spending huge amount to advertise their offers on Digital platform. Small and Middle level retailers are lacking opportunity to advertise their offers to the end users on good digital platform. In India the ratio of small and middle level retailers are very large, We designed a digital platform for small/middle level retailers to advertise their offers at reasonable price and for end users it’s a huge relief to get required rich information with few clicks as it save their time, money and stress. We have also developed integrated module by integrating online and deals & coupons modules more benefit to the users but our prime focus is In-city. Growth of smart phone usage and 4G internet network at low cost helping Digital growth rate at good pace. We want to utilize digital growth and provide retailers best platform to do digital marketing at low cost and benefits to the end users to get best offers info in their area in very easy time & money saving manner.

 Our website:

We are trying to provide small and middle retailers digital platform to advertise their shops, products, discount, and offers at very low rates. This gives a chance to the society to know best offers they are getting in their area & nearby and help them to save money ,time and stress.

Example: User wants to buy a bed and he is not aware what offers/discount he is getting on the product and which shop providing it. He has to go each shop in its area or nearby to get information and bargain. It is very time consuming and stressful task. Our website will provide him platform to get rich information (like shop name, Phone number, Address, Discount info, Discount date, Google map, Rating, Add to favorite and Picture of shops). It is huge benefit to the users as it save their time, money and stress.

Integration of online and deals & coupons module is double big benefits to the users as they get more service on a single platform.

  Our website will provide a high quality digital platform to both Retailers and Users.

Big positive impact on small/middle retailers and lower/middle  class users. Cost, stress and time saving solution.

We have raised 22 lakhs fund and fund utilize for

1) Concept development.

2) Website design.

3) Website coding

4) Domain Register

5) Private listing of the company (DJS saleonlysale Pvt. Ltd).

6) Logo design.

7) Trademark of and copyright of concept.

8) Legal cooperate lawyer and CA fee.

9) Office setup in Chandigarh and Bangalore.

10) Infrastructure costing.

11) Hosting of website

12) Marketing on facebook, google, Email, sms, twitter etc.

13) Employs salary.

14) Daily operation cost.

15) Expansion cost.

16) Tax filing.

Fund Required for

1) Large scale marketing.

2) Team expansion.

3) Infrastructure expansion.

4) PAN India expansion.

5) APP launch.

6) Website upgrading.

7) Hosting upgrading.

8) Daily expense cost.

9) Consultant hire.

10) Employs salary.

11)Software purchase

12)Laptop and server purchase

13) Tax filing.

14) Legal documents fees.

Rewards Section (optional)

We have reserved 20% share of the company for 2 crore fund we required. We will distribute the share number according to the Fund provided by individual.

Please visit our website and facebook page

Please try to help us, Thank you. We will give out best to create a world class organization and generate jobs for youngsters and women's. 

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