Lets bring food to those who cant afford their meal: Help us create a new India

By Amit singh Chauhan

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Our Hopes:

We all hope that this just become a spark as through this campaign many people will realise the worth of food and resources that they waste.
Even after this at least some of the owner will not throw the food away when they will see how helpless people are there on the streets.

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Why did we began this:

Let make this republic more republic to the ones who can not afford even a single meal of the daily.We went to across 100 different restaurants and food stores to know what they do with the left over food and we were shocked to know that 90 out 100 disposed the food as garbage. A country were their there lacs of  people go hungry and even thousand die because of malnutrition ,how can such a country afford to waste their resources.This is not just the fault of the restaurant owners or the government but there is a way we can try to bring that food to poor for at least one day thats 26th January.The only reason  most of the restaurant disposed their left over food by the end of the day is that they can not afford extra cost of transportation and labor to distribute that food .

What are we gonna do:

So , we came with the idea where we will provide money to 100 restaurant  .
The restaurants will be all across the state of Delhi. Our initiative is that lets not anyone sleep hungry on its own republic day , so we are determined to provide food to at least 3000 hungry stomach.
Each restaurant will be given 600 rupees and they will make food arrangement for minimum 30 needy people.

Expense structure:

Cost for restaurant :  30 disposable utensils x 10 Rs=300

                                             : 1 labor x 200 Rs=200

                                             : food transportation cost=100

Total Cost per restaurant 300+200+100=600.

Travelling and reach cost=3000

Total cost of tenure (600x100)+3000=63000

How are we gonna work:

The money collected will be individually distributed to the each and every restaurant .Where at the time of distribution we will as for the assurity in the form of pictures. every correspondent restaurant owner will take pictures of the distribution time and send it to our whatsapp link which will be upload to the campaign.

What Change can we bring:

With this initiative we hope that we can educate a few food stores and their owners on how they can better utilise their leftover food and if they will be effected they might create awareness among their  fellow friends and with the hope that one day no food resource will ever go to waste in our country.

For Rs 250 you can sponsor meal for for at least 10 people 

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