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I want to create free website design organization For NGOs,schools and other Non-profit organizations. But I'm facing some problems. The problem is Domain name and a good hosting server are not free in market I have to pay for it. I want fund for booking domain and booking hosting server space. Example for how I spend: If I get 20 order in one month. I have to book 20 domain name from or Per .org domain cost is 399 rupees per year. It means I have to pay for 20 domain: 20x399= 7980 rupees per year. And I have to book server for these website if I book server from I have to pay 999 rupees per month. I want to book ultimate hosting paln because I can host all websites in one server. Now I have to pay per year for hosting server is: 999x12= 11,988 rupees per year The total cost = hosting + domain 11,988+7,980= 19,968 for 20 websites If I get more websites I have to pay only for domain name not for hosting . This is my idea for all non-profit organizations, NGOs and schools. If you like my idea and want to support please help me to create free website design organization your help can change the India's future.

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