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By Daksha Rane

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Dear friends,

My name is Daksha Rane. After working for 17 years in various fields I found I spoiled my health like anything. Heavy bombardment of antibiotics and powerful drugs like steroids  made my life worst. I left my job and placed my entire future into the hands of mother nature. I studied acupressure, naturopathy, yoga and ayurved panchkarma. I chose myself as guinea pig and implemented the best of all the above therapies on me. It really did wonders for me. My stomach pain due to hormonal problems subsided within a month. I was overweight because of hormonal issues. Due to this combined treatment I lost 20 kg in just 6 months and that was a tremendous boost to my confidence. Then I applied these therapies on my family and got very positive results. I could treat one of the rare diseases "Trigeminal Neuralgia".

After so many positive results on family, friends and relatives, I thought that I should give something back to society. With lot of success stories and constant encouragement from my family, I started the alternative natural therapies for needy/poor women at my home for free of cost.

For poor patients, all these alernative therapies are not affordable in the market. I really feel satisfied when I treat such people without any cost.

All these natural therapies are harmless and without any side effects. I have treated many diseases and disorders like BP, diabetes, thyroid, allergy, neuro disorders, knee pain, back pain, spine problems, PCOD, liver disorders, etc. Even  chronic diseases can be treated. All my patients are very happy and feeling healthy after experiencing these natural treatments.

Since many patients have strated approaching us, it's become increasingly difficult to run it from home. I believe I can do this noble work more efficiently on large scale if I get a bigger space. I am planning to lease a place in Mumbai.

I am raising fund to make this possible. 3 year costing to run this is as follows. With the below fund, I can provide the service to many needy people at least for next 3 years.

Rent 900000
Helper's  Salary360000
Cleaner's  Salary72000
Electricity  Bill180000
Treatment  Material100000

This is my dream now and I will try my best to make this possible. Your small contribution will help me to achieve this goal and will change the life of several needy patients.

I would like to start this as soon as possible. Trying to raise the fund by 31st Oct 2017.

Once the funding is fully raised, below would be the rewards.


1. Contribution of INR 1000 - Will email you the photo of inauguration of our Mumbai Center

2. Contribution of INR 2000 - All of the above and mention of your name in donators list in our center

3. Contribution of INR 5000 - All of the above and display of your photo  in our center

4. Contribution of INR 10000 - All of the above and free diet consultation for you

5. Contribution of INR 25000 - All of the above and free weight-loss/weight-gain program for you

6. Contribution of INR 50000 - All of the above and free weight-loss/weight-gain program for 2

7. Contribution of INR 100000 - All of the above and display of your 5"X7" photograph with some of your details

8. Contribution of INR 500000 - All of the above and annual report on patients treated


Daksha Rane

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