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It is easy to notice physical scars, it invokes sympathy but what about mental scars, Their penetration is deep and embedded in the mind. it takes a toll on the body too. Help my to nip my problem in the bud. At-Least share this page or Leave encouraging comments.
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Hello Friends,

My Name is Aniket Sawant. I am in my early Thirties.I have been battling Anxiety & Depression Since last 8 years. 

Till Now Treatment was financed by Brother, but due to his own financial crunch. He will not be able to do so anymore

Father being Orthodox and Dominant was not ready to take me to psychologist during my first cry of help in 9th Grade, Second time in 1st year of Graduation and then lastly during college drop off.  Somehow  managed to get help me financially for counselling when I was 24yrs old since then I have been going for Therapy.

My Bullying was not intense but it has effected me immensely and there is a lot of suppressed anger towards my Dad for ignoring my cry for help and emotionally neglecting us. I know deep down, he cares and is at-least better than Dads who are alcoholics or Wife-Beaters.

It is an estimated cost for a year and a half,  Even if you are not able to donate financially. Please Pray to God to give me strength to NEVER GIVE UP.

I can just Insert Images of my Medicines and old prescription to establish credibility, In Prescription Address & Mobile no inked as Mental Illness is still considered a Stigma,That is a Sad Truth 

For Treatment of Anxiety and Depression - story -8

 Thank you for your precious time you gave in reading this Plea. No Hard Feelings even if you don't donate, Just Pray from me if you can Peace and lots of Love

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