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Sayeed Khan is a person from middle class family and donot have fix jobs, from 2011 he had to struggle for the Monterrey benefit for feeding his 2 kids wife and parents.


His mother suffering from head achewas taken to 

 to doctor and doc, advice foradmission in the hospital.


It was said by doc the she issuffering from mental Hyper-tension and for that disease they will be hugeexpenses for long two years the she was hospitalized in ICU and expenses wentup to Rs. 15,00,000/-. 


Lastly in Sept 2013 He lost hismother, than the financial crises started  he lost his job and wasun-employed for 1.5 years and his daughter get brunt by hot water no onesupport i had to beg money to all my friends no one came forward to help.lastly one off my friend gave him Rs  5,000/- and medical bills were. Hiswife left the house and went to her family saying he is useless and has to takehouse on rent alone than only she will turn back.


He has take the loan from fromprivate lender for Rs 2,00,000/- and get the things done.


Now he got the job but expenses arehue so not able to satisfy the his basic needs. 


So he want to raise the fund forthe same.


that Sayeed Khan is myself.

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