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India having many skilled persons in art world especially from the animation field. India is the main hub of animation because of the lowest production cost. But big companies are utilizing this. And even a small kind of company needs more money to prove they are capable for do anything. eg : we will tell our story and will tell what we are going to do with this money, Once i approached a big animation company for sharing my idea about an animation Television series. After heard that pitch bible (story and character Details )they told me this is not going to work you have to   make different kind stories. After days i heard they were planed to made new TV series and realized that was my story. This is what happening In India. So if we get the money, we will design the characters and will make first episode of the animation TV series. So we don't need any big company support to make this. We also welcome producers and big animation companies because i am not telling everyone is like i have proper plan about 4 types of international cartoon series . 

If you help us to do this , this will be a starting of new era . we are not telling you we can make a Full TV series with this money ,his is for pre production cost for 4 different Tv series es .and that is good enough to find a Channel or distributor . I can firmly tell you helping us must be give you a chance to be part of a future international animation studio.And finally ,

You would miss our old cartoons likeTom and Jerry

and other things , We are promising you we will bring back that quality of the animation .

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