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Hero was working in us army. Since he got newly married couple  

went to Island   for honeymoon trip. They were fully immerse   in romance and enjoying each other not related to outside the world.


 It was full moon night, the atmosphere   was very pleasant. Time was going to be  

19.30 GMT in moon light couple were travelling   on a boat   they were

In romantic Mood   rapture themselves with sprinkling water on each other. 

Suddenly   hero found   water turned  as  rainbow colours  due to rays were   falling  on water,  he  was observing  marvellous aspect of  every individual  ray becoming  vindividual  colour  . 


When heroine was shaking water with hands for fun watch was reflecting on surface of water. “CARTIER DEDICATED TO UNIVERSAL” Written on the watch, heroine told  hero oh  what a great scene we were looking, it was amazing then  he came to know  the watch is amazing &precious.

He  looked at with binocular towards  the direction of where rays were taking place. at once  he wondered  because  CARTIER watch was appearing with sparkle  on the  hill.

CARTIER WATCH company  wanted to make   unique   features watch for dedicated to universal   symbol of 100th anniversary.

Company invited   scientists  & explained  how the watch  should be useful to universal, after  many  years  due to  scientists effort  super power  watch has been made 1950.Eventually  Cartier company  proved  “where there is a will  there is a way .” by made  precious  watch.

One fine day CARTIER Company entrusted super power watch to secretary general of United Nations. After 11 years in 1961 September 18th secretary general was travelling in helicopter   when   the helicopter reached around   island   the  helicopter crashed due to abnormal gravitation power .

fortunately   security people could   save secretary   general with aid of parachute, but unfortunately   watch fell on a   hill   as position of curve but  this is not observed security people.


Hero studied the  super power watch , how it was functioning & what types of features  exist.

Eventually he could find out   miracle things.  

The   watch made of   titanium for ever lasting .  

Magnetic   tape was   placed watch inside, it has been connected to five elements (earth, water, air, fire, sky   the forces of nature) as showed   in the world map  which kept inside of the watch.

If any mishap  will be happened in future   message  pass on to consult country, consult department through satellite in which place ,which time will be happened 

Then consult country, consult department   take further step   to prevent natural calamities ,terrorists activities , movement s of enemy countries ….  

Cartier  super power  watch  predicted   meteorite would hit  in  central Russia at  Yekaterinburg about 200 k.m north of Chelyabinsk on 15th February  2013 but  due to lack of  co-ordination between consult country & consult department  calamity took place . Hero  could escape from  meteorite explode due to super power watch, even he was at bennetta island, in Russia  .

 Like this  CARTIER SUPER POWER WATCH  functioning for universal  peace.

 More over CARTIER WATCH creates status for every person and gives a  precious

 message to  every human being.

 Life is an opportunity, benefit from it.

 Life  is  a dream, realize it.

 Life is a challenge , meet it.

 Cartier is yours, wear it.

  No boundaries to  Cartier.

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