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      My name is Shoaib, and I'm just an ordinary guy. A guy that is suffering from a deadly disease called Tuberculosis. Before I got ill I had a normal life, like everyone else does, just like you do, who is reading this, but one day I started to cough which lasted for more than a week. My family never took me to hospital and I wasn't aware (and didn't really think) of that it could be some dangerous disease, I thought it's just a normal cough that'll go away in a few days, so I didn't go to hospital alone either.

          Then a few months passed and my condition began to get worse, I started feeling chest and stomach pain. It hurt so much that I was walking like a senior citizen that needs help to walk, I couldn't walk with my back straight. Later, when I visited my grandma in vacation, I got a tumor on my neck which quickly got worse in just few days. I had to urgently go to private hospital, where the doctor checked my condition and told me that I have to go through some tests. After all these tests it came out that I have the Pulmonary Tuberculosis(TB) which have already damaged my lung, stomach and the tumor on my neck. Moreover, the infection have spreaded everywhere as I was at a very bad stage of this illness. So the doctor started my treatment on urgent basis even though I didn't have much money on my bank account.

        I went for the tests and treatments with many help from my friends and my girlfriend. My family has no contacts with me anymore since I no longer follow their their religion rules, so I couldn't rely on their help. They think that choosing the acting industry is bad and cannot go with their religion, however that is my dream to be an actor. So they stopped helping me and left me to die, because they think it's still better to die than becoming an actor. After all the money I had was spent on my treatment, sadly, I need more, or I can't eat and will starve to death. There were a few days when I didn't have a place to sleep, since my family doesn't accept me, so I had to sleep on the streets. And if anybody thought that this is it, it's not.

             Because more medicines are necessary, as the treatment lasts for a year or two years(depend on my recovery ).  And it doesn't matter how hard I tried and I'm still trying, I'm unable to get a job because of my weak condition, nor is any job available in a very small village of India called YAWAL. Please help me for my recovery, your help could save my life, and once I'll be fine, I'll work hard to earn and pay back the money you gave me to other needy people on the same site. whatever works for you, i appreciate it. Thanks for your consideration ! Your support means a lot!

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