Creating the 1st Eco-wallet for the world!

By Mohak Gupta

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"I am sure no body in my family will suffer any pollution related medical problem!"  -  

Are you 100% confident this will never happen? 

Just the way you are careful with money... do you also make sure that your child gets fresh air to live healthy? 

Contribute in creating a true disruption!

An Opportunity for you and me to contribute in giving to our children and to the world- one of the most needed solutions so they live healthy & not spend our savings purely to breathe (take oxygen) with the help of some hi-tech machines!

Feel the pride! 1st Eco-wallet for the world is coming! - story -1

Prototype successful. 1st phase actual user tests (android) successful.

This disruptive solution will help 

the urban - educated - responsible families, country save millions of $ and save future!

  • The luxury for you to dispose & deposit all scrap digitally at the click of a button
  • Your family will save 1000's of rupees every year thus contributing to your family's financial safety
  • Gives you the freedom and answer- "without moving how can I responsibly dispose all scrap?"

The fund raised here will be used to:

  • 50% to create a team of app enabled field executives : who will go about collecting - disposing scrap like plastic bags, recyclables
  • 50% to sign-up up to 1500 members : for the Eco-wallet

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