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This is what happening in India every man on this earth want to survive the main common basic needs are food shelter clothing without this no one can survive like humans we are humans right to live on the earth right to eat healthy food but this is not happening in many parts of the world "TECHNOLOGY IS IMPROVING BUT HUMANITY AND MANKIND IS LOOSING DAY BY DAY".. "OPEN YOUR HEARTS FEEL THE POOR PEOPLE PROBLEMS"


Myself Risheek  from normal middle class family sees daily poor hearts on the streets everywhere

it is shame to hear that every day 25 children are dying and starving  for food  the main reason for this is poverty or lack of homes and many more

what iam going to do is  we collect funds and distribute to needy and homeless 

BLANKETS;we need 5000 blankets just only in one city to donate the needy ones ...

our organisation i.e JCI (junior chamber international) is also helping with this but its not enough to handle many 

FOOD;we go near the homeless ones talk to their hearts and provide shelter to them weekly 


EDUCATION;we join the poor children in schools and we give them bright future its all in your kind hearts

                                      "SERVICE TO MAN IS SERVICE TO GOD"

                                           "when you help the human god helps you"

                                                dont forget to help the needy

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