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My name is Chawang  and I am raising funds for family debt living next to my house. Living in one community, one unfortunate family has to pay their family debt, amount around Rs 350000 which is borrowed two years back. Six members of family has very difficult to repay their debt.

Today i share this because the lender warn their family to lock the house by September 5th. so they don't have anywhere/place to go or to pay money, including children is studying in IX, VII, V standard. As neighbour i am, i feel very for them, living next door to my house i wanted to help but such huge amount of money it is impossible for me. So, i told them to go for this IMPACTGURU, they open their mind to try this. 

Now let me tell you how their family was in debt, two years back DAD got incident felt down from stairs , which Doctor told them to go for head surgery because his head/skull was broken which will lead blood flow into his brain, if not done surgery, which led to borrowed money.

Their family monthly income goes around 6000 to 9000 rupees only, which is impossible to repay the money. so please your kind is count for the sake of the children and to bring back from the debt before gone too far. Your cent/penny/paise is care for the family.

i pray that the lender wouldn't come up soon to lock the house.

God help to those who help other

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