'Fall prevention Among the ELderly'

By Dr Rekha Jagannath

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Proportion of elderly is rising in India over the decades though it is less than in the developed economies and China.Incidence of fall in population which is 60+ years of age debilitating. Eventually it leads to  disability and immediately or eventually ending in death. Family of the elderly who fall also are in a traumatic state after fall of the connected elderly. This is in addition to the cost incurred on  tackling fall.So fall of elderly has to be prevented. Prevention of fall is less expensive than tackling it after fall.So fall prevention makes sense. Elderly are  wise portion of the population who can support and promote better quality of people at present and future. So they need to be  kept safe to reach their complete life span. 

So this program tires to initiate an 'on going' annual  program to create awareness about fall, create a network of elderly with the service providers regarding prevention and management of fall. They also mutual interact about fall, various ways of preventing fall and accessing services when fall occurs and introspect about fall along with other elderly and service providers. Contact details of the target group and service providers is exchanged. Feed back and monitoring is done for a specific period. A committee of stake holders is established collecting funds from service providers as the program is marketing effort for them.   I perceive that funds can also be mobilized from willing corporate and civil society groups. This program can become sustainable as early as one year with good efforts.

Elderly are mobilized for a week giving transport at a venue.They are given lectures by experts, demonstration and interaction for a week. The schedule has two sessions per day.Lunch and tea/coffee are served. At the end of the sessions the elderly are introduced to service providers to prevent fall and access in case of fall. Meditation to maintain balance is also done during the program. There is exchange of contact details of all elderly who assembled as audience and of invited service providers. Feed back is sought after the program. Outcome is studied and report is given to connected bodies.

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