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We see so many children begging on the streets in India. Now imagine if each of these children had access to education and schooling. Wouldn’t our future generations have a better country to live in? 

Here are some fact you probably didn’t know:

  • -India is home to the largest population of illiterate adults in the world – 287 million, amounting to 37% of the global total

  • -60 lakh children in India are still out-of-school

  • -India is ranked 123rd out of 135 countries in female literacy rate

Despite implementing the Right To Education (RTE) act, there are so many slum children who are still not getting access to education. On one hand, there are several adults from low income communities who believe it is better for their children to learn some work and earn money on a daily basis, rather than invest in them to get properly educated. What’s worse is that some of these children resort to begging, stealing, or other criminal activities to earn money. But what can they do when they have not been taught the difference between right and wrong? On the other hand, there are so many parents who want their children to go to school, but sadly, they cannot afford it.

As citizens living in a civilized society, it is our duty to look after one another in a way that will benefit the society, and its future generations for the better. In order to give back to the society that has given us so much, we came together to form the Manorath Foundation. We are a group of young professionals who started this nonprofit organisation in 2014.

Mission: Our aim is to provide at least basic education to every child in the country. 

Method: We have started by giving free coaching classes in the nearby slums. 

Our next step: To start a school that is affordable and accessible to children of low income groups

The impact: Our target is to educate 500 students per year in our school

Why do we need funds?

In order to start the school, we will require some infrastructure facilities, as well as school equipment such as tables, chairs, books, stationery, uniforms, and more. Aside from that, we will also need to hire more teachers, administrators, and helpers to run the school smoothly. 

What you can do to help

The society we live in, belongs to all of us equally. So step forward to do your part in helping these children learn the basics of right and wrong, so that we all have a better future to live in. 

We humbly request you to donate what is in your power so that we can raise the funds needed to provide these children the education they need. You may also help us spread the word about this initiative by sharing our campaign on Facebook, Twitter, LinkdIn, and G+. 

If we all take small steps to help, it will be one big step towards progress in society development. 

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