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Let's Educate Deaf & Dumb Childern

Let's Educate Deaf & Dumb Childern

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Pratyek Vyakti ki Ummeed ki Sansthan - Au Jaipur Marathon
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Pratyek Vyakti ki Ummeed ki Sansthan - Au Jaipur Marathon


About EPH

The Organisation was established in 2015 with few members with a new approach to social work field. The story of the organisation doesn't starts from new it is since their childhood when the Miss Manu Khadolia & Miss Rajni Khadolia  Founder & President  of the organisation saw their deaf & dumb cousins  & Always relies their pain & problems in Daily life. it arouses a zeal in them to saw them.  while with them they relies that there are thousands & Even more Children who need their help & are waiting for many forwarding hands .these children can't speak or listen but their pains & problems can be seen in their the organisation was established with a motto to serve them with our selfless service.the organisation took its first imitative step by providing few classes & guidance for the preparation of competitive exams .the members & volunteers ,translate each & every lessons to them in sign language in Seth Anandi Lal  Poddar deaf & dumb Govt. School while things connected with this project they relies that there are many deaf & dumb Students Who's are avoided education because of the lack of hostel facilities as they live in the outskirts & Villages of Jaipur & are Not Financially  Capable  to afford Private Hostel More Over, there are less no of Govt Educational institution for these deaf  & Dumb  Students. Due To this  Resons Only ,They Are Still Avoid of School Education Even after attaining the age of 8-10 Years,every year they come with a hope but got the same Result & Govt is Also Not Implementing its Policy in effective way .These Students Can't Express Their Pain Through Words But Their Wet Eyes Describe The Whole Situation .

"You Don't Have To Be Great To Start But You Have To Start To Be Great"

About EPH Deaf Hostel 

Recently in Aug Month Eph started a hostel for Our Special Child towards equipping and setting up of a boarding for the Deaf & Dumb Children’s. These children were not going to school lack of Seat availability in School Hostel & opportunities and economic resources. These children Hail from the Out station of Jaipur who are all Needy & Their Parents Can’t Pay Private Hostel Fees. So We Have started a hostel in a Small (Rental) House With The aims at reaching out to the marginalized sections of the society by providing basic facilities of education through this Hostel Now Child studying at the Seth Anandi lal Poddar Mukh Badhir School at Jaipur. The hostel will provide residential and other required assistance to Children’s who do not have an opportunity to attend a school due to various reasons. Though intelligent, due to lack of opportunities, economic backwardness, poverty and lack of communication, the people in this area have not made much headway in the field of education. The boarding will help the children with a proper environment to study. For Our Cause We have Need Funds & Your Support.


The direct beneficiaries of this  are the  Deaf  students from the age of 5 to 20  . It opened for all deaf and dumb children irrespective of ethnic background or religious affiliation, but greater care will be taken to admit the poorer children from the neighborhood. Children will be trained to live in the true sense of brotherhood rising above their tribal differences. They will be prepared to be responsible citizens of the Society living with dignity taking a lead for a transformed world where there is greater equality and justice for all. The village people, and the youth will also benefit from this project.

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