Empowering Youth by giving means to access to livelihood

By Dada Sargar

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Theory of Change: SKYKEY

If unskilled youth get market driven training then they will have access to livelihood. When they have access to livelihood then there will be economic upliftment of their family.

When there is economic upliftment of the family their standard of living will increase with in the social spare and in Neighbouring Communities.

When their economic upliftment comes with standard of living goes up then they will be able to contribute to the national growth by being part of productive human resource industry.

Rationale for the Intervention:

On one side New Mumbai is moving in the direction of development with major focus in new improving public infrastructure, amenities for the common man such as hospitals, roads, airport, electricity, schools and collage etc. On the other hand there is lot of displacement happened in especially in Navi Mumbai and Uran areas, Raigad due to the development projects. As a result many had gave away their land, thousands of youth has dropped out of school and later became unemployed and ended up falling into bad trap , crime etc. and those few hundreds of them ended up taking up low skilled and less payed jobs in the logistics industry in Uran. As a result there is disconnect from displacement to development.

SKYKEY is here to bridge connect between displacement to development wherein it will play crucial role in bringing the development to the downtrodden and unskilled youths. Hence SKYKEY is aspire to impart industry led training and soft skills to unskilled youth in need to access their livelihood and build productive human resource to deliver effective services at the end within industries.


In Year one SKYKEY aspire to work with 135 unskilled youth from Uran and give them market driven training to get gainfully employed in formal jobs by March 2018. Out of 135 75 % skilled youth will be facilitated to get an employed where as 25 % of them will be handhold to set up their own enterprises by March 2018.


SKYKEY will be implementing the pilot project directly by just hiring the master trainers and space. For training material, technical expertise and handholding it will work in partnership with Block development office, Uran, Raigad, Godrej and Usha International. To make the pilot project successful SKYEKY will work with various primary and secondary stakeholders such as unskilled youth, their partners, knowledge partners, Govt. offices in Uran and potential industry partners for placement of skilled youth.  

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