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Once again I am worried. Rani and Shikha will not come school for next 4 days. Gunja, Chandni and Rukhsana did not come for 5 days. This keeps happening. Most of the girls in the classroom do not come for some days in every month. It happened to me when I was in school.Girls in a rural area where I teach, miss 4 days of school per month on average when they are menstruating due to a lack of menstrual hygiene knowledge and resources. Girls from poor backgrounds use unorthodox methods to control their flow which sometimes leads to infections. There are many aspects that link girls attendance rates to their menstrual cycles.Firstly, the lack of affordable sanitary products and facilities for girls and women keeps them at a disadvantage in terms of education when they are young and prevents their mobility and productivity as women. Secondly, the lack of clean and healthy sanitation such as toilets and running water means that girls often do not have anywhere to change or dispose of pads safely and in privacy at school. Thirdly, the taboo nature of menstruation prevents girls and their communities from talking about and addressing the problem raising awareness and education to eliminate the stigma of menstruation is a large part of the battle. Freedom from shame – menstruation being a taboo in our society, talking about it with the girls will encourage them to not see it as shame, but a part of a woman’s life which they should be proud of

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