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Why should we care?

What if you had to choose between education and sanitation? It seems like an unreasonable choice, right? 

Sapna, living in Dhauj, Haryana has to make this unfair choice. She is compelled to drop out of school now that she has started menstruating. She does not have access to modern forms of menstrual protection.

In India, only 12% of women currently use sanitary napkins.

1 out of 5 girls drop out of school when they start menstruation.

At only Rs.180, you can support Sapna to continue going to school by gifting her 2 years of menstrual protection. 

You have the power to empower. Donate now and help eliminate this trade-off between education and sanitation.  

How will Rs.180 solve the problem?

We at Project Baala have developed a modern form of a cloth sanitary pad. Like any commercial pad, this has a quick dry top, a high absorbent core and a leak-proof back.  But what makes it special is that it is re-usable up to 2 years, and is biodegradable.

We distribute a kit of 3 Baala pads to each girl, lasting them 2 years of menstruation. 

But we don't just stop here. We also conduct awareness dialogues to help them understand menstruation and menstrual hygiene.
Both of the above at only Rs. 180 per girl.


We have conducted 10+ such awareness workshops and pad distributions for rural girls across the country. Girls have reported both an improved level of menstrual comfort and an increase in school attendance. They share that the awareness workshop has educated them about the reasons for menstruation and how to maintain menstrual hygiene, about which they were completely unaware. 

But this is just the start. There are millions of Sapna's in the country who are having to drop out of school due to lack of proper menstrual protection. 

With this campaign, we aim to reach out to 1000 more girls.

Help a girl eliminate the trade-off between education and sanitation at Rs.180. 

Join the movement now. It is your power to empower.

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