Empower MAHELERECERN to eliminate the scourge of Leprosy once and for all

By Raja

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            Dreams and potential can’t become victims to diseases and afflictions- a universal fact agreed upon by everyone. 

          But In our very own India- things are happening to the contrary- with countless dreams being snuffed out and many a possibility squandered on diseases like leprosy which can be easily prevented and cured. 

             But we can all join hands and heart and do something- bring a change to the existing situation. 

                                           Save lives ! Make that difference!

All we need is to support organizations like the Madurai health and Leprosy and Relief centre or (MAHELERECERN) who are working tirelessly for the past 27 years to make enable cure, advocacy and empowerment for people suffering from leprosy as well as spread awareness around the entire affliction so as to change dogged misperceptions and counter irrational superstitions in the districts of Madurai and Dindigul in Tamil Nadu.

MAHELERECERN works with the twin goals of awareness and advocacy. Keeping this in mind - in the last year itself they have organized more than 57 mobile health camps and workshops across villages, blocks, tehsils, schools etc where through comprehensive interaction and attractive communication using multimedia and e-tools they has tried to increase overall knowledge about the condition, remove old taboos and unjustified stigmas, as well as screen kids and adults for early detection of the disease.

More than 5390 kids were screened under this and the message of hope and enlightenment reached and impacted the lives of at least 21, 000 individuals cutting across all sections of the society.

Besides this MAHELERECERN also provides free treatment and rehab support by running mobile clinics, and physio camps across many a remote area of the region. Thus it has genuinely impacted the lives of many a people, through free MDT (Multidrug therapy) and comprehensive nutrition and rehab care. 

But all their efforts need money to become fruitful- and while they have many donors- 

                  A little bit extra always helps- after all they are trying to reach out to 6 million + individuals- across two densely populated areas of Tamil Nadu.

So come let us all raise our hands in unison and support MAHLERECERN's vision of a Madurai completely free from leprosy; We can contribute generously; share and spread the impact and goal of their amazing endeavors across multiple platforms of social media; Start support campaigns to raise more funds; and mobilize all the resource and support possible!  


            Because a better India- means a healthier India- A leprosy Free India!

                                                 And you can make that possible! 

                                                              So donate now!        

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