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30 million intellectually challenged adults in India with IQs below 80 live without the hope or capability of developing as professional, earning adults. Theirs is a life of existential dependence.

  • Intellectual Disability is a developmental disorder with extremely delayed milestones and very low cognitive ability. The challenge manifests in the impaired ability to reason or recall, behavioral problems and very often results in all the associated challenges such as physical disability, seizures, speech and visual challenges. The disability is seldom genetic, and for this reason, it remains largely ‘invisible’ as appearances rarely show the disability. Most importantly they do not have the social skills to go out and work within Mainstream jobs.

  • The intellectually challenged community is the most marginalized section of society in India. Most government schools accept and patronise this community up until the age of 14, following which they are entertained, if the family can afford it, through non-earning vocational practices only until Puberty. Aside of the years of ridicule that AMBA has to offset, the challenge we face lies in assuring that this community has the ability to independently ensure that their future is secure.

  • AMBA addresses within this community, adults with moderate to severe intellectual disabilities!

AMBA is a Training & Business Hub for adults with moderate to severe intellectual disabilities using Information Technology, Peer Training & Peer Supervision.   The hub and spoke with a difference: The AMBA Core Center in Bangalore is the hub that enables the ACPCs with training, monitoring and business.  The spokes are the ACPCs pan India.


An Ashoka Fellow driven Social Enterprise, AMBA’s ecosystem of learning and earning is adaptive, visual and functional, appropriate to their acumen, enabling accurate data entry and audit, making them contributors to family & Society. Their lack of social skills limits them from working in mainstream companies, so AMBA’s scaling model is within collaborations with Special Institutions pan India, helping them evolve into hubs for learning & earning, using their infrastructure, administration & trainers, keeping overheads to a minimum.

AMBA - a Movement enabling Livelihood using ICT and peer driven processes for a niche community of adults with moderate to severe intellectual disabilities who do not have the social skills to work directly in the mainstream.  across India targeting to impact 1,50,000 adults by 2025 in training and into live work by 2030 using ICT. Currently, AMBA has scaled to 450+ Partnerships in 25 states in India.  The platform created by AMBA enables and empowers AMBA Certified Partner Centres (ACPCs) to digitally transform their environment into business hubs. The ripple effect over the years will successfully transform and empower this community worldwide.

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