Empower 60 women by tailoring project

By Dorian Lorteigt

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Project Description:

This project concerns 60 women from the Chrompet area, who wants to take advanced tailoring courses in order to develop an income generator activity afterward.

We want to give tailoring courses in order to develop an income generator activity for 60 women.

Today, we already have 30 sewing machine, we have a place to teach the women and a teacher ready to start. We just need to get enough money to pay the tailoring teacher

Our organization already lead one similar project in 2015: We bought 5 sewing machines to train adolescent girls to learn tailoring. We completed 3 batches. After each, the tailoring students were placed in Export Garments company nearby our Head office in Economic Zones, Out of 38 students, 16 were placed in Export Garments and 12 were having their own tailoring business at home and earning Rs.500/- daily by stitching ladies wears.

Goal of the project : 

To enhancing the employability of 60 Nos disadvantaged and poor women, adolescent girls vocational and skill trainings in tailoring.

Objectives of the Project Propose : 

- To give tailoring vocational training to the adolescent girls, women

- Provide training in dressmaking in order to acquire the necessary skills to integrate the textile industry.

Target Beneficiaries : 

The number of direct beneficiaries of this project would be 60 members from the Chrompet area. The annual number of indirect beneficiaries would be 100 families. Along with more than 70% jobs to be crated through this trained beneficiaries.

Project Tenure : 

From June 30, 2017 to September 31, 2017 and from October 2 2017 to January 1, 2018.

Visit our website : http://irdrp.in/

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