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The word Veda is derived from Vidya  meaning knowledge. These sacred scriptures contain the truth about Divinity, Universe, Nature and Life. On the one hand, it propagates spiritual life and on the other, it teaches the ways of life to fulfill all human desires while living in this world. 

Today’s lifestyle has created conflict in inter personal and social relationships. The Ashram system as propagated in the Vedas, is the ideal way of achieving a balanced and peaceful life. To showcase this aspect of the Vedas, we are holding the event, Vedas, Eko Hum Bahu Sham at the Ashok, Chanakypuri . 

Date18th March 2017 , 7 - 8 PM. Music by Padma Vibhushan Rajan Mishra and Shri Swaraansh Mishra

The Vedic philosophy will be depicted with a fusion of the graceful Odissi and acrobatic Gotipua dances.

Do contribute towards its success by donating generously and attending the event. Your contribution would go towards staging the event in different parts of the World to spread the beautiful message of the Vedas that we are all the manifestation of that ONE Divinity.

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