Educational Program For Migarated Children

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There are 250 sugar factories ( cooperative and private) in the Maharashtra state of India. The Raw material of these sugar factories is sugar cane which is cultivated on the lands of farmers. To supply the sugar cane there is a huge need for sugar cane harvesting labour.

One sugar factory (2500TCD) requires 2600 sugar cane harvesting labours for one crushing season. 1200 to 1300 couples are working as sugar cane harvesting labours for one sugar factory. Each couple has minimum 2 children thus 1300 couples have 2600 children. 

In the month of June or July, these labours execute an agreement with sugar factory through their contractor (Mukadam). According to this agreement, the couple will go to sugar factory for sugarcane harvesting work and in the month of Oct/Nov.

The children of this labours are taking admission in their native place school. But during the crushing season, the children go with their parents for harvesting.

Educationan Program For Migarated Children - story -1

Due to this migration, the children discontinue their education which affects their life. So there is need to continue the education of these migrated children. 

Hence our Trust " Dnyanjyoti Shikshan Prasarak Mandal " (DSPM) undertakes 'The educational programme' for these migrated children. So the Trust is in need of funds to execute the project. 

So, we are trying to raise the funds through "Impact Guru " for this project. 

We request the people of the world, corporates, Trust/NGO,s and Individuals to contribute towards our cause to prevent the discontinuation of the schools of these little angles.


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