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My name is Uday Kerwar and I am raising funds for Ostomy Association of India (OAI) to conduct medical awareness camps in Maharashtra & Gujarat.

Ostomy is a type of surgery required when  the normal functions of the bowel or bladder are lost  due to  Cancer.   An Ostomy allows normal body wastes to be expelled  through a surgical opening called a “STOMA” on the abdominal wall into a special appliance fitted over it externally. People with Stoma are commonly called Ostomates.

  • Stoma creation is a life saving measure, however, it does leave a deep psychological scar on patient when it becomes apparent that there is a visible change in physical appearance and worse, a total loss of  natural control.

The permanency of the appliance (lifetime) is a huge shock followed by a nagging fear of the appliance falling off or of offending others because of malodorous secretions can make ostomates avoid social contact with  friends and even their family. 

The type of surgery that Ostomy is makes it very sensitive and patients need to be counselled at various levels to come out of their shell and get back into normal life. 

Lack of awareness is the biggest block that we are fighting to overcome. Even in metros, awareness levels are low as the big C, at the diagnostic stage itself leaves a deep and mind numbing impact on patients & their relatives, so much so that they believe the end is here & now. The experience is truly traumatic. In smaller towns & villages, there is simply no will to live ! This needs to change. Counselling  at pre & post op stage with key inputs from fellow ostomates and Enterostomal Therapist (ET) can help patient & his family to overcome and get back to normalcy. Unlike reel perceptions, cancer is curable and there is life beyond.

I am raising funds to conduct camps in smaller towns & semi urban areas to increase awareness and demonstrate that the cancer can be overcome and there is life beyond ostomy, a life which can be just as fulfilling.

We have estimated that we may need  approx. Rs.800000.00 (Rupees eight lacs) to cover Maharashtra & Gujarat before year end  as we intent conducting at least 8 camps in different disease intensive areas as possible.  . Kindly support our cause by donating and sharing our fundraiser.

Here's how the funds will be utilized per camp ,

    3000.00  Advertising/promos

  30000.00 Consultant Doctors & Technicians

  25000.00 Supplies 

  12000.00 Travel related

     5000.00  Equipment hiring

  20000.00  Personnel occupancy

     5000.00  Other operating

100000.00 Total estimate/camp

We are grateful for your help!

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