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Educate Children to become Better Citizens

Educate Children to become Better Citizens

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Deepak Thimaya
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Verbattle Foundation
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Deepak Thimaya
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Verbattle Foundation


Dear Madam/Sir,

We are glad to introduce Verbattle to you. 

Verbattle is the biggest professional debate promotion and coaching organization in India and is in its thirteenth year of existence.


Verbattle aims to make the children and youth of India;   

   Logical in thinking

   Democratic in approach

   Civil in behavior

Verbattle organizes various programs such as

 Debate Competitions

 Debate Coaching Programs

 Teacher Training Programs and

 Leadership Coaching Programs

Verbattle essentially employs Language, Logic, Democratic Values and Competitive Thinking to effectively conduct its activities in an impacting manner.


Verbattle has been working with children from city schools and also with children in English medium schools. We believe that the spirit of our work and our endeavour should reach even the last child in our society. 

We aim to take the goals of Verbattle to the underprevileged children by showing them films about civil behaviour, democratic attitudes , inclusiveness, diversity , tolerance and good communication along with talks and workshops on the same topics. 

With the money that is raised from crowd funding we plan to set up a team that would work the year round to visit many rural schools and also schools educating children from weaker sections. The project is for one year. 

The cost would include

Making educational films

Organizing and conducting workshops

Travel and

Resource People's remuneration. 

It would be a great opportunity for you to be a part of this great endeavour. We take pleasure in inviting you to participate in this activity by contributing generously. 

You may find more details about our organization in our website and the YouTube channel.

We are earnestly looking forward to your participation in, and association with, Verbattle.

Do call us for more information and to know how your institution can benefit the best with Verbattle.

Thanks and regards,

For Verbattle Foundation

Deepak Thimaya

Founder and Head


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