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Educate a girl child through the Shiksha Foundation

Educate a girl child through the Shiksha Foundation

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Shiksha Foundation


We, at The Shiksha Foundation are firm believers in these wise words: 

“If you educate a man, you educate an individual, but if you educate a woman, you educate a family”.

The broader issue

Women are a subclass in India. It has been a constant challenge for the Indian government to increase the population of women who enroll for attaining education. Most girls are pulled out of school to attend to family responsibilities, due to inadequate funds for education, or to get them married as soon as they come of age. 


Our Objective

At the Shiksha foundation, we aim to provide the quality of education that every girl deserves. The impact of education on girls is extraordinary. It forms the foundation for learning and critical thinking. Education also provides skills for girls to become more self-reliant and help them explore more opportunities. Our focus is to make the girls and women of our country independent, confident, opportunistic. 

Our Mission

Currently, we are working on four concrete projects that we wish to undertake in the field of women’s education. 

  1. Balwadi Project

It addresses the health and nutritional needs of slum children from the ages of 1-6.

  1. Send a girl child to school - Sab padho sab badho

A program called CARE, works closely with government-run schools, to help girls complete primary education and access formal schools through accelerated learning methodology and provide academic support to enhance the quality of learning.

  1. Primary and secondary Yashodhan School - Padhai ke aage jeet hai

This program provides primary and secondary education for all slum children, which, by law is mandatory for children between ages 6-14. 

  1. Kushiyaan Baato Utsav - Mauj Masti

This program organizes holistic development activities such as sports, drawing, cooking, festival celebrations, and more. 

Our need

Every year, approximately 30 to 50 young girl students join our organization. Each student cost for one year, inclusive of all expenses is Rs 45,000. However, the number of girls who are joining our foundation is rapidly growing, and we are in dire need of funds, to provide our girls the chance at a wholesome education. Aside from that, there are several other costs that the foundation is unable to handle on its own.

All the funds that we receive from your kind contribution will be used for the following:

  • Salary payment for teachers

  • Books and stationery

  • Uniforms

  • Food and nutrition

  • Computer education

  • Upkeep and improvement of facilities

It is time that women’s education is no longer seen as a luxury, but instead as a necessity, that we, as a community that is interdependent on each other, must aim to fulfil. 

We request you to contribute whatever is in your power, to help us further our cause. Please help us spread awareness about women’s education by sharing our campaign on Facebook and Twitter. The smallest donations, and the quickest clicks, make the most impact.

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