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Hi my name is DARSHAN CHANDEKAR and I am raising funds for a public organization to create impact on the society. We are already working in this direction by raising awareness on social issues like #OVERPOPULATION in India and the world. We are also working with FIGU organization ,Switzerland to bring awareness to the general public about climatic change, nutrition, future of the mankind and many more. The sole goal of this fund raising is to create a community of like minded people from all over the world who wish to come together in this endeavour. This Eco village will have a library in the center with a huge Peepal or Banyan tree and design studios, creative work shops and residential dome houses etc. to grow organically around it slowly. I also wish to provide an experiential stay to all the donors/funders in the eco village. Village's DNA is to practice maximum eco friendly life through eco friendly practices, sustainable lifestyle and knowledge sharing. We are also planning to start this project somewhere close to a mountainous village so that people from all over the world can come and volunteer here not thinking about the hot India weather so much even in summers. I feel it is important to save what is still not destroyed than try to bring back what is lost completely and see the beautiful Shangri-las succumbing to the consumerism dragon. I am hopeful that people from all over the world will support this endeavour and become part of this advantageous endeavour.

Thank you

 May there be Peace on this planet and amongst all beings..

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