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Save Lives by Plantation - story -1 was started in 3 years back to create environmental awareness to the society

 to generate Green Planet by Planting Trees & Rain Water Harvesting in all the areas such as Educational Institutions, Government Offices, Village Areas,  Road Side Areas & etc.

Save Lives by Plantation - story -3

Further leaf is doing clean India activities to ensure cleanness in Lakes, Pounds, River side & Seashore.

Our team has around 500 volunteers’ in many areas in India. Leaf foundation creating awareness by stage speeches, providing free plants to Individuals, By Issuing Notices & etc.

In each year from 2017 onwards Leaf started a Mission called OLT-PM (One Lack Tree – Plantation Mission), around 40% of our Mission is completed, reaming will be planned to do in this Monsoon Season, and for this Mission our Foundation Team need some external Financial Support.

Save Lives by Plantation - story -4

All the Persons & who care for Our Environmental goodness, leaf is welcome you all to provide your small contribution to be the part of it.

Once if any one has any suggestions and Ideas Leaf welcome you all.

Pen all you words in comments.

Thanks for the contribution


Save Lives by Plantation - story -2India  


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