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By Satyaban Ranjit

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The Cancer Awareness Camps are designed as per the schematic budget & format of National Cancer Control Programmes. To promote Cancer awareness activities among the rural hermit village people of scattered Sunderbon areas of South 24 Parganas District of West Bengal, India with special attention to the women with breast & cervical Cancer. We felt such cancer awareness programme to be helpful for prevention of cancer among the above rural remote people. For the benefit of the rural mass of South 24 Pgs district to be carried out the Cancer Awareness & Preventive Activities would be continued.

 I would like to request you to kindly donate us the amount asked for Rs 25,00,000/- for the above Cancer Awareness Camps and hope your kind recommendation, consideration and sanction the donation on your honour. Your co-operation will be highly appreciated.        

PROPOSED ACTIVITIES                                                :


Programme are:
a. Prevention b. Early detection c. Prompt treatment d. Palliation of cancer:
1.  Organize advocacy Meeting with local 120 GPs power holders.
2. Organize sensitize meeting with local power holders & physicians of 120 GPs.
3. Organize Public information &   Awareness through microphone announcement in Market Places of 120 GPs.
4. Organize Exhibition Cum Awareness Stall each in camps.
5. Organize audio video CD Shows each in camps.
6. Organize Muppet, Puppet talking Doll Show at camps.
7. IEC materials to be developed in local language and distribution of banner, festoon, handbill, poster, leaflets from camps.
8. Provide Counseling in each camps.
9. Quiz competition with village mothers and girls for special emphasis on cervical, breast & oral cancer in each camp.
10. Seat and draw competition on cancer at each camp.
11. Easy competition, singing, dancing & reciting on cancer issues in each camp.
12. All types of Cancer especially cervical, breast & oral Cancer screening to be done on the basis of Clinical diagnosis in each camp.
13. All the screened cancer + suspected patients to be referred with volunteers  to the Subsidiary Health Centre, BPHC, rural hospitals, Sub- Divisional hospitals, District Hospitals, State general Govt. Hospitals, Cancer specialist  Hospitals and Radio Therapy/ Oncology Departments.


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