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Goal of Jobpxm is skill development for youth & empowerment of private sector employees.
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Help Us to Create a better and secured job environment in the country even for private  job via "JobPXM".

To start with , after thorough analysis and R&D, we  found  these two basic problems in our current Indian employment system. 

First problem  is “Lack of aptly skilled youth”, means, Even an educationally well qualified personnel lack proper skills to avail best opportunities and Second problem is “Less Positive or rather negative perception towards private Jobs” 

Reason for this could be attributed to their thinking that private jobs does not provide job security and other essential perks and allowances such as pension and medical facilities which are available in government jobs. 

So Here in "JobPXM" we have prepared a business plan to address these problems stated above by providing very unique services such as : Fastest Job Placement Services, Free Skill Based Training Program and JobPXM Earning Program for our members.

Our Free skill based training programs will improve the proficiency of the work force working in the private sector. Hence, preparing them for better opportunity and solving the first problem. And to solve second problem, We will ensure our members get a reliable job according to their skills in real time and provide them financial help through JobPXM's earning program to ascertain their job security and give them perks similar to government job, which would change private job era in disruptive way and will help to change people’s perspective towards private sector jobs, providing a sense of security to the private sector employees. 

We did some R&D and found out that hiring of manpower in private organization through various sources (such as Newspaper classifieds, Online Job Portals, Local consultancies) are generating a lot of revenue, which can be used for betterment of general working public of the private sector. All we need to do is to register all the people working in private sector at one place that is JobPXM. In this way JobPXM  can have  huge database of employees working in private sector, by using this database  we can generate huge amount of revenue and this revenue will be used to provide free training services , placement services  & JobPXM earning program services which will lead to solve above two problems stated above.

As is evident that, in order to establish such a system we would need huge amount of capital and finance, So Please Help us to raise the funds we need by donating to our campaign to create a self sustaining and revolutionary employment system in the country.

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