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About US

Ours is a national level NGO registered under Society’s Registration Act 1860. We are working in the domain of Digital Education since last one decade. The operation of NGO extends to more than 8 states of India.

Our prime objective is to disseminate awareness and education among masses. Our efforts focus multi-level education including primary, secondary, higher education. Further we also focus upon professional and career education.

We facilitate masses to have online access to quality academic content. Career and professional prospects. Besides, we provide digital devices such as computers, laptops, tablet, printer and other multi-media devices to promote. Educational, professional and career related awareness.

Further, we provide consultancy services to improve primary education to educational institution student and parent counselling services.


We want to evolve India as a knowledge society by spreading educational, professional and vocational awareness among the masses. We works with a vision to enable to all sections of society particularly the underprivileged ones of society such as women, SC, ST and people living in remote areas lacking adequate quality education services.

We want to decrease urban-rural divide to access quality education services. Our vision is to make education all inclusive for spreading its benefits the poor and rural masses as well.

Further, we perceive that primary education is the back bone of any learning system. Thus, we aspire to see Indian Society with effective and efficient system of quality primary education all over the country.

In addition to this, we perceive that knowledge and education should serve economic development as well. Thus, we focus and dissemination of employment and career education.

Agriculture is still a sector where majority of rural masses are engaged. Thus, spreading of agricultural education to increase productivity and income of India farmers is also our concern.


Our mission is to spread awareness and education in academic, professional and social domains particularly through digital means and to leverage latest technological aids to overcome the problems of lack of awareness, transportation and other infrastructural facilities in rural as well as in urban areas.

Our mission constitutes to improve the quality of primary and secondary education, spreading employment and career education among the masses. We want to focus also on spreading vocational education particularly the agricultural education to increase the income of Indian formers and productivity in Indian Agriculture sector.

We also want to spread awareness about education related schemes, employment schemes, social security schemes etc. among the masses.

The ultimate mission of our society is to enable socio – economic development of Indian masses through spreading awareness and education in innovative technical and strategically aids.

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