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Donate a meal

Alka & Kishan Vyas
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Alka & Kishan Vyas
Dharma Bharathi Mission
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Dharma Bharathi Mission
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Alka & Kishan Vyas
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Alka & Kishan Vyas
Dharma Bharathi Mission
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Dharma Bharathi Mission


“Till now I have been running from the unmentionable..

Silent against the creeping injustices…

Forever dead to the tears of others…

But now I am embracing the lost cries…

And running not for myself…

But for my hurt conscience... and precious smiles”..


Hi everyone,


We are Kishan Vyas and Alka Vyas. We both are runners and have been running for a few years now. To us, running connects us to the dynamic undying energy of an expanding universe. 

To us, running is not just a sport, but a catalyst that helps in ushering in that undying spirit to never stop dreaming or believing in yourself.


This year, at the Mumbai Marathon, we will be running to inspire a new hope, a new will for life for others. This marathon is one of Asia's largest marathon and charity events where NGO's raise funds for causes such as community development, disability, education, environment,health, human rights etc.


The Standard Chartered Mumbai Marathon provides us with the ideal platform to support the cause of Dharma Bharathi Mission and raise awareness about the undernourishment of children. Our goal is to raise Rs.20,000 in support of the Foundation.


We request all of you to come and support us in my humble endeavor to bring about a spring of happiness and opportunities to those that sorely need it.


Every donation, contribution made by you, however small, counts. Please also share about this cause as much as possible to get the word out and maximum people come forward to support it.


Looking forward to your unison echo of love and support.


With regards..

About Dharma Bharathi Mission

Dharma Bharathi Mission is a humanitarian organization working to create lasting change in the lives of children, families and communities living in poverty & injustice. Dharma Bharathi Mission (DBM) under the legal umbrella of Navasrushti International Trust has set its objective as Hunger-Free-India. The goal of DBM is to ensure that no child in this country goes to bed without one meal a day.

Mid Day Meal Project- Food for Education

India has the highest number of children who are malnourished, about 57 million in all. Out of around 25,000 children that die every day in the world due to hunger and undernourishment; 1/4th i.e around 6000 are Indian.


Poverty and Hunger in India are epidemics, with a majority of the population unable to get even one nutritious meal a day. The primary objective of this project is to provide nutritious meal to students studying in the underprivileged schools of Mumbai esp. in the Deonar, Govandi and Mankhurd area which incidentally is the garbage dumping ground of Mumbai with a population of Ten Lakhs. With  innumerable children compelled to work to earn their meal, where dirt and disease coexist and where the schools and infrastructure are insufficient.

Hence the objective of the project is multi-fold:-

  • - Arresting Malnutrition and Anemia

  • - Helping control Child labor

  • - Bringing children towards Education which is every child's constitutional right especially girl child and controlling the    school drop out ratio.

Brief Implementation Plan: 

  • - Identify schools in the mentioned areas  

  • - Meeting with School Principals for their views and feedback(only very needy schools are provided with midday meals)

  • - Enlist the  students who need to be provided with midday meals

  • - School schedules, timetables, holidays and exam schedule taken

  • - Draw up dates for health checkups 

  • - Decide Mid day meal menu as per dietary requirements

  • - The meals will be provided at the school lunch time.

  • - Regularly monitor & take feedback.

Expected Outcomes:

  • Reduced Malnutrition and anemia and hence better immunity to illness resulting in better attendance in school

  • Also reduced drop out rate, better attention span and an end result of good health, good academic performance and holistic growth (details of our supplementary educational programs for the students are on our website

Funds Utilization

  • For Rs.250, you can sponsor meals for one child for one month.

 For Rs. 3000, you can feed a child for an entire year.


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