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I am Vishal, 

I feel empowering somebody on the path of self dependency in something great to all... In my newly founded foundation I am trying to develop a culture where we empower a child not only by just giving him a degree but by also giving him a possibility of life...

I have choosen Yoga and Meditation as a tool to do make it a peaceful  world for all...In or pilot program we are going to train orphanage and underprivileged children(also the one serving in detention centers in India ) a possibility of life by training them in yoga  and also synchronizing this training part as class room study hr by reputed institution. So once a batch completes its 90 days training then all participants will be entitled to get instructor certification in yoga and same time they will be trained in the sales and marketing to market them in this world.

We see a following future for the participants (orphanage and underprivileged) :-

1. They may work as an independent instructor

2. Could serve in our foundation

3. Could serve as a part time Yoga Instructor and as they are trained in Sales and Marketing they could make there own path by serving in different organization

4. We as a foundation also trying to tie-up with corporate  who could facilitate them in their facilities as a permanent or part time employees

Social Impacts:-

1. You will be saving a child to go on a path of crime

2. The child will get mental peace by doing yoga and mediation and it will help him to explore his inherent possiblity

3. He/She will be a agile force of change

You somewhere giving a life...for the one who deserves it...for the one who is going to make it count...for the one who will be change factor...lets start the chain!!!

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