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Why should you? The reality is that these days, a loyal community following could mean the difference between an constantly growing social fan base and having your platform disappear into the rest of the social noise on the internet. Your online tribe helps people to remain linked and keep being interested in your product or company. As your social network manager, we realize that it is essential to find loyalists for your brand and recruit new members to your social community. All members (and even the potential members) have the potential to be believers however, it requires some attention. With the proper community management, you’ll attract new followers and advocates. People will gather to hang out on your social community. So join us today! MARKET PLACE A marketplace is an ever expanding ecommerce network that facilitates the gathering together of businesses under a common cause, category or even geographic brand to maximize your discovery, customer loyalty and business growth as well. We are presenting to you perfect opportunity to market your resources and grow your business’s presence on the web and also drive targeted traffic to your website. Our capable marketplace displays searchable products from all businesses connected in to the marketplace. We are the online shop and marketplace builder that do not leave sellers standing alone. BUSINESS DIRECTORY A Business directory is a listing of information which lists all businesses within some group. We are the finest destination for decision makers like you to get the knowledge, products, and services needed to grow your business. All members need to do to find your business is to browse our business resource listing to find the product, service, or company they are looking for. With our several of our unique resources published daily, if it’s of interest to your business, you can find it on dhosthi.com. On our business directory listing page, businesses can log in, edit their listings, add media content such as video and Google Maps, graphics, text and a lot more. We at dhosthi.com would classify your business according to: • Geographical locality • Business type • Activity • Volume of sales • Size of the business The information provided in our business directory are but not limited to the following: • Your Business name • Your Business Addresses • Your Business Telephone numbers • Your Business Location • Type of service • Any professional media associations such as twitter, YouTube Chanel, Facebook Group • Video Profile The fact is there is equilibrium between skilled advertising, value for money and quality of service. We know that business owners are looking for web traffic, exposure for their business and SEO benefits of backlinks. Therefore, on our business directory page you can upload their full product catalogue for a fee. ONLINE ADVERTISING When it comes to online advertising, if you have been slow, now is the time to start ramping up your efforts. Honestly online advertisements have seen consistent growth and it has been projected to overtake print. So if you are not yet acquainted with online advertising, now is a good time to do so. Do you know the profile of your potential ideal client? If you market your products online, you will be given the ability to target the ideal prospects. Online adverts will give insight because if you advertise your business online, it would afford you the opportunity to know exactly which ads brought in the highest number of leads. You will know how many impressions were served, where they were served, and when. Online marketing will also allow you to identify your optimum channels, advertisement copy, and advertisement locations. The analytics available with online advertising will allow you to see the precise cost of getting and converting a customer. Advertising online indeed provides you with limitless insight allowing you to become a more than effective marketer. There is a common fallacy that online advertisements are of poor quality, but the truth is digital advertising offers the opportunity to be extremely engaging with video and other rich media content. Our online advertising campaigns can be adjusted with a few clicks. You have the flexibility to respond to incoming information and make changes instantly. This flexibility indeed allows you to stay in front of your customers– anticipate customer needs and adjust your advertisements before anyone even notices. The honest truth is that online advertising is an essential element of anyone’s marketing mix. It provides you with numerous benefits, including brand awareness, targeting, lower costs, robust targeting, valuable customer insights, engagement, reach and flexibility. All of which are not readily available through other advertising mediums. Your customers, competitors, and prospects are online — give them the attention they deserve, while getting more out of your budget. Join us to drive traffic to your site and build brand awareness. We understand that effectively targeted campaigns can create brand influencers and reach complementary audiences. So use our online display space to be creative with rich media, launch your online presence and get online consumers thrilled about who you are and what can offer them. We hope these reasons have helped you dump the belief that advertising online is wasting your advertisement budget. Come on board, let us help you. EVENTS SECTION Events come in many different kinds ranging from in-person gatherings to online parties and webinars. Here is the opportunity to control your events and display them using pages and widgets. You can actually create single or recurring events, add descriptions about your events. The Import and export features we have will make maintaining your calendar simple. New events can be also created quickly. What’s more? Accepting bookings for your events couldn't be easier! You can provide multiple tickets with capacity, price and date restriction and take payments using various methods With our event manager, you stand to enjoy: • Fast responsiveness from mobile customers • More than one calendar views and filters • Event attendance registration • Exciting user interface for customization options • Scheduled and ordinary occasions • Sidebar widgets for displaying occasions • uploading and exporting of events • Importing and exporting of events and so much more Get on board today and make your events widely known.


Planning to create a new social network, where people can join to share and chat along with this will have features like job portal, marketplace, classifieds, yellow pages etc.,

Even People can earn money as well.

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