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I am Kajol Behera a 18 years old girl from Khandamal district in Odisha. I lost my father in a accident when I was six years old. Since then my mother has been doing various menial jobs for the survival of our family which consists of my younger sister, mother and me. After passing class Ten from the local school my mother insisted me to attend the school further to complete Plus-Two course. But seeing the burden of us two sisters on her and her failing health in keeping with her responsibilities my conscience forbade me to do so but instead insisted me to partake in bearing responsibilities of our family. I too started doing various small jobs available in our locality. It brought me no shame in doing such menial unskillful jobs inspite of my schooling, it over-shadowed my pride in being educated because by doing such jobs the money which I earned was helping ease the load on my mother and we together with our joint earnings could give more comfort to my younger sister and could also pay the fees of her private tutor. Even a bicycle which I always missed when going to school which happened to be so far and envied those girls whose families could afford.

Now coming to know of crowdfunding and results achieved by supporters has inspired me to do something creative which will not only provide my Family but also to other girls who have been similarly deprieved of the luxuries of Childhood after untimely death of their father the bread-winner of Family.

The talent I have seen in my mother in making salted snacks and delicacies I have learnt the same from her, it can be shared with coffee by customers in the coffee shop. I plan to employ those deprived girls so they can also earn well to cherish a decent job and life.

For this proposed Coffee

Shop I will be needing around Rs 6,00,000/- to invest in:- (1) 2 nos. coffee vending machines with 8 option flavours  each @ Rs 90,000 each (2) 1 no. Soda vending machine @ Rs 1,50,000/- (3) Refrigertor @ Rs15,000/- (4) Microwave oven @Rs 5,000/- (5) Air-Conditioner, gas cyclinder, oven, furniture and fittings with crockery Also rental charges of the space with 2 months advance to Landlord, and if the power supply is to be upgraded then charges to be paid respectively.

With help from well-wishing supporters along with their blessings it will be a boon for me and also for those deprived girls who will also be a part of this venture. All this shall form a great combination for the future success of the Coffee Shop venture and all of you please do bless us with your visit.

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