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This short film follows an older man who conspires to make his suicide look like an accident to be able to leave his insurance money to a young girl he finds himself infatuated with. 

After writing your script, getting your crew together, and finding the most perfect actors, you find yourself wondering what's missing. You ask yourself 'What am I forgetting?' Your brow furrows, your fingertips tingle. You know that what you've forgotten, you've forgotten for a reason.  A shadow shifts behind you and you shudder with fear. A daunting hand slowly reaches out to you from behind. The hand places itself on your shoulder, one finger at a time, lightly and yet firm. You can feel its smile. You turn around and you're faced with your greatest nemesis. 

The budget of the film is always a concern for a budding filmmaker. Help me beat my nemesis by donating even the littlest amount to push me closer to accomplishing my dream project. 

To make this film a reality, I am hopeful that you'd deem this project worthy of your donation. 

Thank you very much. 

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