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Chirayil Rajesh
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Chirayil Rajesh
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Chirayil Rajesh
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Chirayil Rajesh
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About Me

HI, my name is Chirayil Rajesh; I am the founder of Amaz Video Production in Chennai.    


I have also worked as assistant editor for Television serial in  u matic tape , beta , Digi beta Tape ,language Tamil, Telugu,  Malayalam,  now working on offline video editing. 


It’s been a longtime dream that I was planning to start Education and Awareness program which benefits communities, societies.

But unfortunately, I wasn't able to initiate what I wanted to do but it requires lot of commitments towards,

Early days lack of technology to reach communities and societies to create awareness and teach Education,

Now we have technologies to reach Avery single person on whatsApp, social media and YouTube etc. 

So I decided to quit my job to startup an ‘Educational Entertainment’ Channel on YouTube ‘Amaz Video Production’

What we do:

Teaching Education and Awareness

  •  Kid’s Rhymes program
  •  Students studying class 10th 11th 12th  Spl  Coaching online    
  •  How to Prepare for Board exam 
  •  How to Understand and study
  •  Expert tips to prepare for Neet exam The National Eligibility cum Entrance Test’ for Medical  Student,
  •  Celebrity Awareness on health Program
  •  Women Empowerment programs
  •  Healthy Nutrition Awareness program    more…              


         You have to Studies to make easy and understand with expert advice on the go.

What do I need?

We hire video equipment for rent it costing too much can’t able to effort that much money,

So we need help to raise funds for good cause to buy video production equipment set for Amaz video production to improve for what we do, so help us and I trust that many of you are good hearted to lift up other people lives asking help for good cause.

My Computer system has been making it very hard to create, hardware failures and other problems.


Fund for below list to setup a production.

  • Camera Pro                                                          •   Wireless Mic Set
  •  Audio Mixer                                                        •  Multiple Lens
  • Camera light
  • Key lighting
  • Tripod
  • Rigs
  • Batteries extra
  • Boom Pole
  • Shock mount
  • Audio XLR Cable
  • Headphone
  • Light Reflector
  • Memory Cards
  • External Hard Drive
  • Editing Software
  • Mac Pc For Editing
  • Dollies, jibs

Help me to raise funds.

Cancer Awareness program  youtube link

Cancer Treatment Program  YouTube link

Cancer Symptoms Program  YouTube link


Amaz video Production ‘Coming Soon’ Video on YouTube  link:

Twitter Account:  @amazvideo1

If you like you can even share my videos and Subscribe, so you will know what I am doing.

Promotion on Awareness


  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  • Google Ad Words
  • Google Search & Display Ads
  • Google Partner Ads
  •  YouTube Display Ads
  •  SMM (Social Media Monitoring)
  •  Facebook Ads & Post Boost
  •  Twitter Ads & Follows
  •   E-Mail Newsletters


Project on Location Shooting :


 •    Cancer Awareness Program

 •    Selfie cause death more than Virus, Awareness Program

 •    Healthy Nutrition Awareness program

 •    Heart disease Awareness Program

 •    Celebrity Awareness on health Program

        I hope to hear from you soon, and thank you in advance.

Support us 

Yours faithful,

Chirayil Rajesh

Amaz Video Production


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