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Help Eradicate Oral Cancer – Create Healthy Smiles.

Help Eradicate Oral Cancer – Create Healthy Smiles.

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Dentedge healthcare private limited
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Dentedge healthcare private limited
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Dentedge healthcare private limited
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Dentedge healthcare private limited


Oral cancer is the world’s 6th most common cancer today, and India has the dubious distinction of having the highest number of oral cancer cases (nearly 20%). Oral cancer ranks in the top three of all cancers in India, which accounts for over 30% of all cancers reported in the country.

An estimated 1% of the population has oral pre-malignant lesions and approximately 1 million are diagnosed with oral cancer each year, half of whom die within 12 months of diagnosis due to late presentation. So, about 5 people die of oral cancer every day!

Majority of oral cancers are related to lifestyle choices such as use of tobacco, pan chewing, alcohol consumption, poor dental hygiene and diet. Just educating people on it will not bring about a change, concrete steps need to be taken.

Oral cancer is curable if detected in early stages. We can help people choose a better, healthier life for themselves.

What we need is your support.

About Dentedge Dental Care

Dentedge Dental Foundation regularly conducts dental camps in rural as well as urban poor areas in which we provide on the spot oral cancer screening and preventive dental treatments such as cleaning, fillings, x-rays etc.

We also educate people on how to quit addictive habits such as tobacco and pan chewing and on how they should maintain their oral hygiene. 

Our objective is not only to spread dental awareness but to provide much required dental treatments to these  people and give them a truly healthy, smile.


Our funding goal is INR 13,50000/- for conducting 20 camps. We estimate to check and treat around 1000 people per camp. So, on an average cost per person treated is just INR 67.5/-.

Breakdown of fund utilization is as follows:-

Cost Break up
( 1000 persons per camp )
Cost per Camp
Cost for 20 Camps
Fund Utilization %
Transportation for equipment and doctors
Rs. 7500
Doctors and staff ( around 20 doctors, 2 educators 5 attendant staff and driver)
Rs. 25000
Materials *
Rs. 20000
Equipment and instrument maintenance and sterilization before, during and after camp, medical waste disposal etc
Rs. 5000
Electric generators + diesel
Rs. 10000

*Materials include disposable items such as gloves, mouth masks, cotton, suction tips etc, filling materials, scaling/polishing materials, cancer screening materials, educational materials……


We are also available 24/7 through our dental Helpline no.  7840048855

For further clarification or any queries, or details on our camp locations and schedule, feel free to contact at the details shared below.


Shama Singhal
Dentedge Dental Care
M: 7011116291
E: [email protected]


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