Defeating SCID for RUDRA

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My name is Jatin, and i am working with a Pvt Firm in Delhi ( India ). I am blessed with a Baby boy 4 months ago who was a normal / healthy baby at the time of birth.

After 3rd month he developed Fever which lasted for more than 20 days on to which we got suspicious and after taking so many opinions we landed up in Sir Ganga Ram Hospital where they Diagnosed the disease called SCID : Severe Combined Immuno Deficiency , one of the rarest disease which happens only to 1 baby out of 1 Lakh .

His immunity system is not working and he is prone to all the Virus / Bacteria / Fungus in the open environment which can lead to un repairable loss. It has only 1 treatment BMT Bone Marrow Transplant 

We have admitted him in BLK Hospital where the treatment cost is around INR 40 Lacs. Being in Service Class , managing the Finances is becoming difficult for my Family.


We are trying our best to arrange the money for the treatment but 40 Lacs is a humongous amount and we will be highly obliged with whatever amount you are able to support us .

We have lot of dreams for our RUDRA and this transplant will hopefully make us live most of them.


Jatin ( Father )

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