Deep Question: Encouraging Women in STEM

By Agrim Singh

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The Problem

Females face systemic discrimination when attempting to study in the Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) fields. In developing countries, in particular, the lack of teachers and teaching material makes it harder to address this discrimination. 

Our solution

Deep Question provides an end-to-end solution that changes this. DQ is an AI tool that provides questions with increasing difficulty, taking in written user input, and adjusts expectations if a user is not doing well. 

What's better is that DQ also runs live Emotion Recognition to profile the student and provides hints/tips if the student is feeling flustered/confused, as visible on our mood meter. Most importantly, it provides vocal feedback through female voices. STEM has forever faced problems of having female role models -- all major web-learning platforms are heavily male dominated -- and thus encouraging tips offered by our system in a female voice (and in the future female Nobel laureates, scientists, graduate students) will go a long way in attracting girls to STEM. 

Why should you support us?

This is a first of its kind tool that shapes how women take charge of their learning, especially those who are interested in STEM. Unlike the usual approach of campaigning and raising awareness about a cause, we strongly believe that scalable software is the answer to this age-old problem that allows us to reach out far and wide and use our tool as long as one has an internet connection.

How do we plan to utilise the funds?

We need your support to make this prototype come to reality! For that, we wish to raise US$1,000. 

We wish to utilise this in two ways:

1. Developmental costs of the product. That being, banking on tools such as cloud services and hosting that will enable us to build our solution well.

2. Fueling our team to make this idea come to fruition. That is, converting coffee into code.

What's the next step?

We aim to build a fully-functional version of the product by the turn of the year and introduce the handwritten recognition system at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, NV in January 2017. 

Lastly, who are we?

We (Agrim, Amrullah, and Huy) are the creators of this product. Tinkerers at heart, we strongly believe that technology holds the key to major problems all around us and regularly build new solutions for the same at hackathons of which we have won 15.

Winners at Angelhack Singapore and Project Inspire Hackathon, 2016.

Deep Question is a product that came out of a hackathon (Angelhack Singapore, May 2016) where we also won the Project Inspire Challenge and we strongly believe that its potential impact can be so much more. This fundraiser is, but, a drop in the ocean to make that a reality.

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