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Blossom Trust was established in 1993 with an initial focus on women’s economic, social and cultural empowerment. Through their work in isolated communities of Tamil Nadu, Blossom has since broadened its focus, and concentrates predominantly on individuals and families suffering from HIV/AIDS and TB. 


This is Maheswaran. He joined the Dayspring Home with his sister in 2007. This year he will start university at the RVS Engineering and Technology College in Coimbatore, India to study B.Sc in Computer Science Engineering. As an earnest student, he has always received high test scores and excelled in his schoolwork. As a pass time he enjoys being in the garden and singing music. Although his parents have both passed away due to HIV, Maheswaran continues to be a positive role model for not only his sister, but his brothers and sisters at the Dayspring Home. Maheswaran is an example of what we hope to represent as an organization: That through  many of life’s greatest struggles, we will be able to overcome the odds against us. Maheswaran will become the first member of his family to attend university. As an inspiration for others at Dayspring Home, we will also be using these funds to support Maheswaran and other children pursuing higher education this year. Maheswaran's dream is to work for a software company and the first step towards achieving it is this Bachelor programme. We hope you would like to help us to bring Mahes one step closer to fulfilling his dream!


Dayspring Home is home to 31 children between the ages of 6 and 18. Their parents have either passed away from HIV/AIDS or TB, or are simply unable to look after them as a result of these diseases. Some of the children, themselves, have also been infected.  Our hope is to offer a safe and loving environment that can foster the  development of our children. 


The home is situated on a six acre organic farm.   Part of the farm is dedicated to fruit production, and three large plots are used to grow seasonal crops. There is one man employed to look after the farm , however, most of the work is done by the children themselves. The older boys,in particular, help raise the live stock before and after school; some of them getting up as early as 5am to hand milk the cattle. 

The home is striving towards self-sufficiency by producing food for the children, with the potential of selling any excess produce locally. The farm is now running completely organically, using cow and chicken manure for fertilizer, growing food sources for the cattle, and reducing water wastage through a drip irrigation system. Part of our work as volunteers here is to assist in the further development of the farm so that it can become both efficient and sustainable.


Although the amenities of the home are basic, the children are well looked after; they are able to attend the local government school, they receive regular medical check ups and consume a healthy diet.  However, this level of care can only continue with financial support. As Blossom only receives funding on a project by project basis, there is currently no regular funding for the Dayspring Home. Therefore, we are raising funds to ensure that these children continue to receive the care that they require.  

The total cost of running the orphanage is £380 per month which covers 25 children, the total amount of food, electricity, education fees, medical expenses, as well as small salaries for the four permanent staff members of the Dayspring Home. All donations will go directly to the Dayspring Home.


£30 provides enough rice, vegetables and protein sources, as well as covering cooking costs (gas and fire wood) for all the children for 1 week. 

£25 covers the cost of school fees, plus stationary and other educational material for all children for 1 month.

£25 also covers the cost of the children’s medical checkups for 1 month.

£15 would provide enough vegetables for all the children for a whole month.

£6 would provide enough rice (their main source of energy, eaten 3 times per day) for all the children for 1 week.

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