Daycare Clinics for Chemotherapy & Dialysis

By Mandeep Mishra

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Cancer is fast turning into an epidemic in India and renal failure due to highly tensed lifestyle is also alarmingly higher. Both the critical diseases are very costly in terms of treatment. Chemotherapy and dialysis procedures form an integral part of these disease management. Day care centres for both the protocols can provide patients with economical disease management options. The cost at such care centres are 50% cheaper in comparison with private hospital charges on a pan India level.

Campaign Story
I was involved with cancer patients while educating them about immunotherapy options for their treatment in last few years. During the said counselling Assignments I visited and analysed cancer treatment facilities and their costs in nearly all major hospitals in India. One fact which clearly evolved from my aforesaid research was that the cost of chemotherapy in private hospitals all over India was predominantly high. Similar findings assimilated for the process of dialysis. I therefore took a resolution to plan and establish day care centres providing chemotherapy and dialysis facilities for patients at economical and affordable cost.
I envisaged forming a trust to embibe the idea in to a charitable services inviting funds from Corporates under their CSR outflow. Also planned is registration for income tax exemptions for donations. 
My sole inspiration was to bring down the cost of management of two critical diseases and lessen the monetary pain if not neuropathic pain associated with both the said ailments.
I started process of formation of trust and started meeting and convincing people and corporates for being my associates in achieving my goal.
On an average and considering the mean meridian the cost of one cycle of chemotherapy provided in 'A' category hospitals all over India is highly inflated and beyond the reach of middle class patients and same for the process of dialysis. It's a established fact that medical infrastructure for treating cancer and chronic kidney disease does not match the growing demand. Day centres catering to both the diseases will definitely ease treatment for all class of patients.
The said endeavour will benefit the society and nation as a whole. It will provide solace to end stage patients in terms of cost and comfort of treatment.
I envisage collecting donations from corporates and individuals initially on a personal level and then through the trust which will establish and run the proposed day care centres. The fund will be used to establish aforesaid centres. 
Each centre will be located on the outskirts of the city and will have the premises on a long term lease basis. It will have 10 beds with 2 bedded HDU ( highly dependable unit) to address emergency situations. Each centre will have a dedicated ambulance equipped with life saving apparatus. The said unit will have a tie up with a nearest critical care hospital to treat critical situation for any patient.
I will try to get income tax approval for exemptions and can offer tax benefits to donors. 
The process of registration of trust is in the final stages and thereafter a detailed project report (DPR) will be compiled. After completion of the said media material will be prepared.
In case my above contention suffice the questions posed then I can send my PAN details along with cancelled cheques.
My divine inspiration :
" Start by doing what is necessary, then do what is possible and suddenly you are doing the impossible." - St Aggassi. 

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