Street To School: Educational Support For 200 Destitute Children From Kolkata's Streets

By Jane Manson

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  • About NGO
  • Tiljala SHED works amongst vulnerable and marginalized urban communities in central east Kolkata where thousands of families live in makeshift shelters alongside the canals and railways. These populations are largely illiterate, often without personal identification and work in informal industries like rag picking, chappal making and vegetable selling. Many of Tiljala SHED’s interventions are focused on children: those at risk of dropping out of education, street dwellers and child laborers. Our activities include rehabilitating child laborers, educational sponsorship, open shelters and a rural children’s home.

  • Problem
    There are 120,000 children living in marginalized communities on or beside the street in Kolkata.  Those who attend school are first generation learners who receive little support from parents and can be regularly kept out of school and sent to work (balloon selling, rag picking, begging). At home domestic violence and substance abuse is common. Families are large; hunger, malnutrition and illness a fact of life. Lack of remedial education and intermittent school attendance leads to low achievement, de-motivation and eventually dropping out.   Once children have dropped out the future is bleak: the cycle of poverty continues.  

  • Solution

    This project provides a wraparound service aimed to keep 300 especially vulnerable children in education. The children attend our community centers after school each day where they receive remedial education, tiffin and educational supplies. They have access to computers and the world beyond their communities, and a chance to play and learn in a safe environment. Excursions, sports and cultural activities are a highlight. Parents attend meetings to learn about the RTE Act and health and hygiene. Tiljala SHED also ensures all the children’s government entitlements are in place.


    90% of the children in the Park Circus Squatter settlement now attend school. Amongst our target group, none of the children have dropped out of school.  Although the pilot scheme is just a year old we are already seeing marked differences in attendance, behavior and school attainment. 51% of the target group have made positive progress and graduated to the next class with good grades.  177 parents have attended health and education awareness sessions. Moreover no visitor to one of our children’s centers can doubt how happy the children are to be there, well fed, entertained and safe.

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